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NapaStyle Gray Salt
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NapaStyle Gray Salt

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About Gray Salt: If you change just one thing about your cooking, make it the salt. The gray salt I use, from Brittany’s coast, retains all the minerals found in the sea, echoing your body’s mineral content exactly. Slightly moist with a chunky texture, it’s full of magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine. Because of its taste, I use gray salt exclusively, and cherish the natural flavors it highlights in all foods. —Michael Chiarello
#006 Gray Salt 4.5 oz. tin #274 Gray Salt, 9 oz. tin #560 Gray Salt, 1 lb. bag #1213 Gray Salt, 1 lb. tin - This item is no longer available
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Quick Tips
  • Sprinkle onto bread and rolls before baking for a coarse salt topping
  • Rub on meat before grilling in a cast-iron pan
  • Season a salad of local, organic greens with gray salt, a squeeze of lemon, and the best extra virgin olive oil you can find
  • Place in small bowls around the table so guests can season their own food