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Fine and Rare Salt Collection
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Fine and Rare Salt Collection

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These are for the most discerning of salt enthusiasts. Chardonnay & Oak Smoked Salt Unlike any other smoked salt available—this certified organic gray salt is smoked using French oak barrels once used to age fine Chardonnay. Harvested from an ancient sea, Jurassic Salt, pure, clean salt from an ancient North American inland sea that was long ago sealed underground by volcanic activity. Black Salt is an unrefined, boldly flavored mineral salt that is a pearly, pinkish gray color. 4.5 oz tins.
#3121 Black Salt #3116 Chardonney & Oak #3153 Jurassic Salt #2155 Set of Three, one of each
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Quick Tips
Chardonnay & Oak Smoked Salt: Great on all meat and seafood! Adds interest to pasta, salads or eggs and potatoes at breakfast.
Jurassic Salt: it’s delicious on fresh raw vegetables and salads.
Black Salt
: Excellent in Indian dishes—chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savory Indian snacks.