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Terracotta Beehive Oven
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Terracotta Beehive Oven

I built a wood-fire oven in my home kitchen years ago because nothing beats the consistency, moistness and smoky flavor of all-around natural cooking. Well, this handsome and well-built terra cotta oven allows you to bring all that flavor to your outdoor cooking. Your pizza will never be better, nor your meats, veggies and breads! Its unique beehive shape is designed to build even, high heat internally and dissipate slowly. And the double-walled terra cotta construction ensures that you and your guests won’t burn themselves touching the outside. The powder-coated iron base holds a good stack of firewood, and it has wheels for transport around your patio or garden. Comes with a brass dutch door with flue, iron cooking rack and metal pizza peel. Made in Portugal.
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Simple to use: Build your wood fire inside, and when it reaches optimum temperature, push back the coals to expose a superheated baking surface. The floor gets hot enough to cook a pizza under five minutes – compared to 15 in a home oven – so I can feed a gang of friends with pizza after pizza in no time. Whether you’re cooking Grilled Eggplant Pizza, meats, veggies or breads, the dome shape absorbs and radiates heat quickly and evenly with a hint of rich, smoky flavor.
Oven measures 33" diam. (19" inside diam.), door is 10½ x 12" h.
Height of oven with stand is 58".
Iron base is 27" square.
Approx. 450 lb.