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Venetian-Style Champagne Flutes
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Venetian-Style Champagne Flutes

Give your stemware the night off. These exquisite champagne flutes serve plenty of sparkle all their own. Each glass has its own charming personality (just like your guests) in elegant stripes, dots and swirls. They feel light and delicate in hand, but stand up well to frequent toasts and celebrations. Set of six. Handwash. Imported.

2" diam., 7½" high. (8 oz.)

#6727 Six Flutes, one of each style
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Customer Reviews

I love that they’re all different. The shape is unique and even though they seem delicate, they’re actually quite strong. They’re really fun and when we use them at parties, everyone asks where we got them. -T

These are beautiful glasses. They are very delicate, but such a fun way to enjoy a glass of champagne with familiy or friends. No need to guess which glass is yours, since each one is unique. The glasses a little more delicate than I expected, but have held up well to multiple uses. I would recommend these glasses. -SYC

The shape; the daintiness; the uniqueness of the style and the different patterns. Truly a superior product for special occasions. -Terry

They were a gift to our daughter and her husband. They were thrilled by the Flutes. We liked the style of them and so do they -Dave

They are absolutely beautiful! Very comfortable to hold. I happened to bump one of these empty glasses sitting on my counter. It tipped over and landed on it’s side, where it immediately shattered. They are beautiful, but extremely fragile. That’s the reason I rated this product as Good. -Kay

The venetian flutes are so elegant, they add a special touch to that special sparkling elixir inside them. -Chelsea

Glass is somewhat thinner, more delicate than anticipated- however the glasses (and I have several varieties, including the champagne flutes) are exceptionally beautiful! -Jen

The flutes’ weight is lighter than I thought it would be, and initially thought they might tip over easily. They are more fragile than, say, a crystal flute. But the flutes’ fun and festive appeal still make them a great addition to my stemware collection. -Cindy

The different designs make it easy to remember which glass is yours. -Pamela

These flutes are beautiful and unique. I have two sets for myself and have given them as gifts, and the recipients love them. They are very delicate and I wish the bases were a little flatter.

These flutes are very unique. Any time I use them, my guest fall in love with them and want to know right away where I got them. It’s nice to step away from the traditional champagne flute, these do just that. -Damaris

They are nice to look at and a nice size, but wish they could have been just a little heavier in weight. The fact that they were made in China instead of Italy.........was kind of a turn off. -June

They are charming! Great for sparkling wine but much too fragile. -Barb

Love the flutes...I feel I need to be extra careful handling them as they seem very fragile and are made of very thin be careful!! -A J

"I love the look and the ""non-traditional"" way to serve champagne. Received several compliments." -Connie

They are delicate, special and small ! When you have champagne you want your glass to be as special as the contents and these glasses are.! -Barbara

The Venetian Flutes are delicate, eye catching and different from anything else I have seen. -Brenda