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Shatterproof Wineglasses
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Shatterproof Wineglasses

$19.00 - $49.00

The ultimate wine glass isn’t glass at all, but a shatterproof, highgrade, recyclable plastic of crystal-like clarity. The bowl shape and dimpled side make for perfect swirling to enhance wine’s flavor. Hand wash. Imported.  Wine Glasses measure 3½" diam., 4½" h. (16 oz.); Champagne Flutes, 2" diam., 5 3/8" h. (8 oz.); Cocktail Glasses, XX” diam., 3¾” h. (12 oz.); Decanter, 4" diam., 8¾” h. (28 oz.)

#8036 Set of Four Glasses #8037 Set of Twelve Glasses #90161 Set of Four Champagne Flutes #90162 Set of Twelve Champagne Flutes #90163 Four White Wineglasses - Est. Ship Date 05/23/2014 #90164 Twelve White Wineglasses - Est. Ship Date 05/23/2014
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