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Wellness Kitchen Mats
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Wellness Kitchen Mats

$149.00 - $299.00

Too many chefs I know have serious back problems from all the stand-up hours in the kitchen, so I take floor mats very seriously. These are the best I’ve found. They utilize a proprietary, cross-linked polyurethane material that creates permanent cushioning and buoyancy to reduce joint impact and promote better posture, proper circulation and muscle conditioning for the life of the mat. What’s more, they lie absolutely flat, clean easy, won’t trap bacteria and won’t trip you. They feature smooth, non-slip tops; beveled, no-trip edges; and non-skid bottoms. Great for arthritis, foot and back pain sufferers. Seven-year warranty. Made in the USA. Ships in 7-10 days.

#70042 Black Mat, 2 x 3' #70043 Black Mat, 2 x 6' #70044 Gray Mat, 2 x 3' #70045 Gray Mat, 2 x 6' #70047 Burgundy Mat, 2 x 6' #70046 Burgundy Mat, 2 x 3' #70051 Tan Mat, 2 x 6' #70050 Tan Mat, 2 x 3' #70049 Brown Mat, 2 x 6' #70048 Brown Mat, 2 x 3' - This item is no longer available
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